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Library members are now able to access our digital audio books and magazines in one easy location! As of today, library members will only need one account to access both audio books and magazines online or via the RB Digital app. The best part is this service is FREE and available 24/7! Click one of our links below to access our downloadable magazines or audio books or click the read more link to find out more information and access our handy how-to guide.

* There have been some changes to our services that could affect members who registered for this service prior to 1st October 2017. Login in through below buttons. Then follow the steps below.


Getting Started!

To access RBDigital, choose one of the links above for RB Magazines or RB Audio Books.
1. Create an account via the magazine or audio book homepage. This log in will work on both platforms.

2. Check below for the best access method for your device:

  • Download RBDigital Media Manager for Windows or MAC to listen to audio on your desktop OR
  • View magazines in your web browser OR
  • Download the RBDigital app for Kindle, Android or Apple products. (See app instructions for use)


3. Browse the collection and check out any title by clicking the cover for more information about the publication and then selecting CHECKOUT.

Using the App!

1. Log in the App by selecting AUSTRALIA then enter your RBDigital username/password. The first screen that loads will show what items you currently have on loan. If the title hasn’t been downloaded yet, the DOWNLOAD link will be displayed.

2. To listen to or read titles you have checked out, CLICK the cover image and CLICK PLAY or READ.

3. To read magazines or listen to audio offline, you will need to make sure you select to download the title while still connected to the internet.

4. Clicking the cover image will display more information about the title including the options to renew or return the title and view more editions of that title (if a magazine).

5. The navigation menu can be accessed by clicking the menu button  in the top left hand corner of the screen. This will help you find the items you have on loan in ‘Checked Out’, access the audio book and magazine collections to loan items, check your holds list and add/change profiles logged in.

Renewing and Returning Magazines and Audio Books.

Audio books:

Audio books will return themselves as your loan period ends. If you wish to return a title early the easiest way is to open the ’Checked out’ screen in the app and CLICK the X on the corner of the title you wish to return.
To renew audio books, CLICK on the cover image of the title on the ‘Checked out’ screen, then CLICK the RENEW button.


Our magazines have no limits on the length of time you have the item. 
If you do wish to clean up your downloads, it is as simple as opening the ’Checked out’ screen in the app and CLICKING the X on the corner of the title you wish to return.