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Imagine having access to your library 24/7! Library members are now able to access library books at all hours using our eBook service. All you will need to get started is a current library membership and an eReader, Tablet or computer device which is connected to the internet.

Library members are now able to access our digital audio books and magazines in one easy location! As of today, library members will only need one account to access both audio books and magazines online or via the RB Digital app. The best part is this service is FREE and available 24/7! Click one of our links below to access our downloadable magazines or audio books or click the read more link to find out more information and access our handy how-to guide.

* There have been some changes to our services that could affect members who registered for this service prior to 1st October 2017. Login in through below buttons. Then follow the steps below.


We have a range of useful resources for students and parents...

Check out our range of databases available to help you in your research or school work!! All freely accessible to library members.

Family History

Delving into family history research can often be daunting and can leave you unsure of where to start. We have a range of resources available that can help you on your way. Don't forget, library staff are always available to assist you in your research and point you in the right direction.

Researching the history of your local area or the area from which your family originally lived can be exciting and challenging. Your local library is the perfect starting point for this research! Each of our branches has access to both physical and digital collections and staff are on hand to assist you with your research. If you are interested in family history, have a look at our suggested resources here.

Members of the Upper Hunter Library Network now have access to a fantastic new resource honoring our Anzacs as we approach the 100 year anniversary.

Drug info @ your library is a free service available library members which aims at providing up to date information about alcohol and drugs. The collections and website are provided for the community of NSW with a specific focus on parents and carers of young people as well as secondary and TAFE students. To access DI@YL click HERE.

State Library of New South Wales website providing up to date information about the law. Includes links to plain language guides, hot topics, and Acts and cases. Click here to access this service.

Multicultural Children's eBooks

The International Children's Library is a fantastic online eBook collection which provides access to children's ebooks in multiple different languages including english, Czech, Tagalog, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Thai and many many more...check it out!