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The Muswellbrook Shire Seed Library aims to encourage people to grow healthy food, reduce costs and become active in the garden. 

The great thing about gardening is you can get started with minimal space and resources – this project is aimed at helping you get started and sharing the gardening love. Gardening is also great for mindfulness which is especially important at the moment!

How does it work?

1. Drop into the Muswellbrook Library and become a member (it’s FREE!!)

2. Borrow up to 3 seed packets at a time

3. Grow the seeds in your garden (we have some great books to help)

4. Donate a packet of seeds to the library – this can be seeds harvested from the seeds you loaned and grew or a different type of seeds. Just make sure they are cleaned, dried and put into a labelled envelope. 

Let us know your successes by sharing your gardening photos with us! We would love to hear about it. 

We also have a load of gardening and seed saving books in our collection available for loan! See some of our selection here.

This project is part of the NSW Healthy Towns Challenge.