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A Paranormal Vampire Romance, a unique fantasy story that has lots of nice surprises...check out our review of 'Parched' by Z. L. Arkadie.


Parched"Baron Ford," he says and pauses to pick apart my expression, attempting to read how familiar I am with that name. I nod stiffly to give no indication I know exactly, who that is. I'm shocked to hear it in this setting, at this stage of my life, the one far away from Cambridge, Massachusetts over five years later."

Advertising Executive, Clarity Parker thought she would never see Baron Ford again. Five years ago, she fell in love with him on their magical first date and then poof--he literally vanished into thin air. That's why she's stunned to hear his name again. After all, five years have passed since that night, and now, to add intrigue to insult, he's requested that she be exclusively assigned to his multi-million dollar account.

Clarity makes every effort to avoid Baron Ford but when he finally catches up to her he issues a warning; things are not safe for her in the city anymore, especially since the strange fog has settled over Manhattan.

Before the foggy day is over Clarity's entire world will come crashing down. Everything about her life that she thought was true is a lie! And there's no time to question her soap opera star mother or business mogul father about it because Baron was right, her life is in danger, and so is his!

One thing's for sure, from this point on, the world as Clarity Parker knows it will never be the same.

A Paranormal Vampire Romance, a unique fantasy story that has lots of nice surprises. I quite enjoy reading the book and it is different from Twilight. To those who love reading fantasy story I recommend this one.  If you’re into stories like out of this world or the other-world you will enjoy this one.'Parched' by Z.L. Arkadie is available Free online through Smashwords, iBooks and the Google Play Store.

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